Vintage Communications

I've been fascinated with vintage communications since I was 15 years old. It started out as a curiosity into what was behind the dialtone, and expanded from there. In a way the hobby helped steer my career. One thing led to another, and for a while I was eyeballs deep in designing and building datacenter networks.



What is switching? It's a bit of an abbreviated term to describe the aspect of telecommunications that connects parties togther. A switch is the thing that gives you dial tone when you pick up your phone, and that makes your phone ring. My obsession with obsolete telecommunications has led me to drag home a number of pieces of equipment over the years.

My collection currently consists of three systems -- two Northern Telecom SG-1As (a 40 line unit and a 120 line unit), and British Ericsson/Plessey 50 line PABX.

Test Equipment



Other Stuff