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10+50 PABX Schematic Diagrams

In addition to a full set of large format diazo whiteprint diagrams, the PABX came with a set diagrams that had been reduced and condensed to fit on 11x17 sheets of paper. These reduced versions of the diagrams originally came from training course materials created by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Given that I know of no other person with one of these systems, this exists here primarily for my own easy access.

96159/swExtension Line Circuit
96161/swTie Line Circuit
96162/swConnector, 4000 Type
96163/swCallback Selector, 4000 Type
96164/swMarker Circuit
96165/swAssistance and Night Extension Circuits
96167/swAttendant's Circuit
96168/swCommon Services Rack Wiring 1/2
96168/swCommon Services Rack Wiring 2/2
96177/swRinging, Tones, Alarms & Pulse Circuit (N. American)
99333/s25cps Ringing Generator
200968/swRoute Restriction Circuit
204020/swExchange Line Circuit with Earth Calling
204477/swTone Generator