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Trimble 4000 GPS Receiver Resources

Receiver Generations

There were three notable generations of the Trimble 4000 series receivers.

1984: First Generation: Rack Mount

Models: 4000A (1984), 4000AX, 4000S, 4000SX, 4000SXD, 4000SL, 4000SLD (1988)

The first generation was represented by the 4000A. Contained in a 19" rackmount enclosure, they were not exceedingly portable. Trimble stuffed them in plastic carrying cases and called them "portable"

4000A - 1984

4 Channels L1

4000SX - 198?

5 Channels L1

4000SL - 198?

5 Channels L1/L2

19xx: Second Generation: Yellow Metal Box (Alpha)

Models: 4000ST, 4000SST, 4000STD, 4000RL, 4000DL

Architecture: Hitachi HD68HC000 CPU, Up to 6 two channel correlators built around Hitachi HD63C09 CPU paired with Trimble 11833 'Gilligan' ASIC.

~1991: Third Generation: Gauss Plastic Box (Beta)

Models: 4000SE, 4000RL2, 4000DL2

Note: The 4000SE was released in both Gauss and Maxwell versions.

Architecture: ?

~1992: Fourth Generation: Maxwell Plastic Box (Gamma)

Models: 4000SE, 4000SSE (1994), 4000Si, 4000SSi, 4000RS, 4000DS

Note: The 4000SE was released as both a third generation and fourth generation receiver.

Architecture: Motorola MC68332 SoC, Texas Instruments TMS320C25 DSP, S87C552 (Display/keypad controller?)