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Mr. Relaxer

Year: 1998

Download: Mr. Relaxer (Compact Pro archive)

After the unexpected "success" of SimHolePunch, the cool dudes over at Freeverse contacted me and asked if I wanted to do some paid work on some of their "toys", as they called them. Out of this relationship came Mr. Relaxer.

The guys over at Freeverse provided the graphics and sound, and a bit of guidance, and I took over and wrote the code to make Mr. Relaxer the piece of interactive relaxing magic you know and love. I suppose you could say that we invented ASMR.

What you see here is the version of Mr. Relaxer that I sent to FreeVerse. I sent them the project files, so they could customize it as they saw fit. The version that they released was a bit more polished.

IDE: CodeWarrior IDE 4 (CodeWarrior Pro 5, which is much newer than CodeWarrior Gold 11, I learned. The hard way.)