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Shape Shifter

Year: 1998

Download: Shape Shifter (Compact Pro archive)

This was a simple game where it became obvious that my skills weren't quite at the same point as my ability to come up with ideas. When you run this application, you're presented with a shape that wiggles. If you click the vertices of the shape, "punish" the shape for doing something it shouldn't be doing. The point was that you would be given a goal shape (circle, star, square, etc.), and you would "train" the shape into that shape.

I think the idea was that if a vertex was moving in a direction you didn't want it to move it, you would punish it to get it moving in the other direction. But because the vertices had no "memory" it was impossible to get them moving in the direction you wanted because they couldn't remember to not move in the directions you didn't want.

As a result, clicking the vertices has some effect, but nothing observably meaningful besides the little 'Ouch' they emit when you click them.

IDE: CodeWarrior IDE 4 (CodeWarrior Pro 5)