Year: 1998

Download: Smasteroids (Compact Pro archive)

I created Smasteroids in 1998, when I was 16 years old, so the quality is what one might expect from a 16 year old learning C. I seem to remember the reason for this project was a "first principles" vector game, which is why there is an (unused) Bresenham line drawing implementation in this code. As is typical for my projects from this era, I got it to the point where it worked and proved the thing I was trying to do, then I abandoned it.

The original intention was for this game to he called Haemorrhoids, with the spaceship being a flying tube of Preparation-H. I can't remember why I steered it in a more traditional direction. I do remember that my oldest brother made the recommendation for the choice of music for the spaceship rebirth sequence.

IDE: CodeWarrior IDE 4 (CodeWarrior Pro 5)