Nikon DTM-800/DTM-801 Resources

Survey equipment makers are apparently not big fans of putting old documentation online. Here’s what I’ve been able to collect for the Nikon DTM-800/DTM-801 family of total stations. The 800 and 801 families are almost identical from a specifications standpoint (feature comparison chart). The major change appears to be a repackaging of the instrument to make it smaller and lighter, as well as a colour change from Faded Asparagus to Look It’s Not Yellow, Green or Orange Turquoise.


DTM-801 Series Brochure 1

DTM-801 Series Instruction Manual 2

DTM-801 Series Repair Manual 2

AP-800 Manual 3


DTM-800 PC Database Utility 3

TransIt v2.36 Data Transfer Tool 3


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