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Trimble 4000 Option Code Generator

Receiver Model:
Receiver Serial Number (the part after the A):

Entering Option Codes

  1. Push the MODIFY button
  2. Push the MORE soft button to get to the last page
  3. Using the numeric keypad, enter 567355 (spells OPTION)
  4. Enter the option code and follow the steps. The receiver will need to reboot to make the change.


  1. These codes have only been tested on the Trimble 4000SSi receiver.
  2. Most of the options are a simple boolean flag. Either the option is enabled, or it isn't. When you select one of those options, you will be presented with a radio button input to enable or disable the option. Some options (i.e. Option 0, POWER UP PORT SETTINGS) accept a hexadecimal number between 0x00 and 0xFF. I don't know what different values for these options mean. The only one I have tested is Option 38, DATA LOGGING SIZE. Setting this to 0xFF means 'maximum available'.
  3. The names for the options are as extracted from the device firmware. A few options had no names in the firmware, their names were recovered from the loader.exe tool. Besides those options with very obvious names, I don't know what the names mean.
  4. The algorithm for generating these codes, and information about the codes were reverse engineered from the ROM image for version 7.32 of the receiver firmware. Applying these options to earlier versions of the firmware might be a bad idea.
  5. Information on how these codes are generated can be found here.